18+ Eye Catching Hairstyles For Women Over 40


Hair can make you look absolute best, most refreshed, younger—or older. Age is just a number – not an indicator of performance, skills, or potential. Also, don’t let it stop you from getting a hairstyle you love. You might realize that hairstyles for women over 40 are less chic and eye-catching than haircuts or hairdos for a younger crowd.

The styles and cuts that suit women in their 40’s are all about adding shape and density to the hair and, at the same time, more space for adaptability. With that being said, your forties are the best time to research new stylish hairstyles to express who you are!

Here’s no age limit on a haircut. Our first argument is that short hair often translates to less time spent conditioning, shampooing, styling, and drying. It means less static, fewer flyaways, and less product —and usually less weight. It might even expect less damage.

When you are younger, you usually choose the best and stylish hairstyle based on your style, something that speaks to you. You follow the latest trends or your friends to know what’s fashionable. As you get older or above 40’s, don’t worry about personal style.

Choose one of these hairstyle list-approved looks to turn back the clock. Treat yourself to one of these stylish or trendy haircuts and hairstyles for women over 40, and it’s a guarantee you’ll look gorgeous!

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Full and Flirty

Full and FlirtySource: twistmepretty

Edgy Pixie

edgy pixieSource: pophaircuts.com

Icy Blonde

Icy BlondeSource: modrenvilla.org

Short Textured Bob

Short textured bobSource: rd.com

Edgy Razor Cut

edgy razor cutSource: wixstatic.com

Long and Wavy

long and wavySource: stylist.co.uk

Layered Look Haircuts

layered look haircutsSource: latest-hairstyles.com

Two-Tone Long Tapered Pixie

Two-Tone Long Tapered PixieSource: wisehairstyles.com

Blunt Bang Pony Tail

Blunt Bang Pony TailSource: hairstyletwist.com

Medium Length Pixie

Medium length pixieSource: therighthairstyles.com

Long and Blunt

long and bluntSource: hearstapps.com

Sophisticated Style

sophisticated hair styleSource: pinimg.com

Shoulder Length Beauty

Hairstyles For Women Over 40Source: therighthairstyles.com

Classic Career Bun

Hairstyles For Women Over 40Source: pinimg.com

Edgy Bowl

Hairstyles For Women Over 40Source: styleinterest.com

Voluminous Medium Layered Hairstyle

Hairstyles For Women Over 40Source: therighthairstyles.com

Center Part Balayage Bob

Hairstyles For Women Over 40Source: hadviser.com

Curly Blonde Bob

Hairstyles For Women Over 40Source: latest-hairstyles.com


Undoubtedly, your list has motivated you to consider all the beautiful hairstyles and haircut for women over 40 possibilities and has you encouraged to express your confidence and creativity.

With the right point of view, your hairstyle and haircut will be the jealousy of your friends or the inspiration for strangers who also want to try something new.

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