Should You Really Invest In Premium Cables?


The idea of high prices on premium cables like USB cable, HDMI cable, or audio/visual cables may make you sigh and laugh. But on the flip side, is it really possible that a higher-priced cable can give you better quality in terms of a digital signal?

Cables are usually the most boring part of your powerful gaming PC or a home entertainment system.

You basically plug them in and they start to work. And that is just about it, right? You may be surprised that this is not really the case.

Invest In Premium Cables

To understand how cables work, you may need to dig deeper behind the science of how cables actually work.

But to make it simple, the way cable assembly vendor makes a cable may make it better than others.

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How Do You Determine the Quality of a Cable

By looking at various cables in a PC or home entertainment retail stores, it really is impossible to tell how good the cable is. Sometimes you can tell from the build quality of the cable that it is indeed made with low-quality materials.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that the materials used to make a cable rarely affects its performance.

It is more about how information is sent through the cables than the materials it was made from.

In fact, when you are at a retail store, you might be attracted to pick a cable that has a high price, has excellent packaging, and feels premium in the hand. In reality, this is just making up for the cable to make it look like it is the perfect cable you can find in the market.

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Buy Only Analog Cables

If you want a cable that provides you with high-quality signals and lossless quality, you should ideally be picking analog cables because they have a clear advantage over cheap cables.

Analog cables are made in such a way by a cables harness manufacturer that they are able to deliver quality sound and video signals.

Another factor that disturbs the quality of the cable is the length of the cable.

If you find a cable that is longer than 6 feet and is priced ridiculously low, you are getting yourself a very low cable that will not provide you the best sound and video quality other cables provide.

So there really isn’t anything special about ‘premium’ cables.

If they are dressed up good but from the inside, they lack the proper science and technology, they will provide you bad quality no matter what.

One of the best ways to find the highest quality cables is to actually find out which cable assembly vendor made it.

Some of these cable manufacturers focus a lot on the science behind their cables rather than focusing on the packaging and make-up.

Do a little research and find out about the best cable harness manufacturers and only pick cables that are made by them.

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