Ultimate Cortisol Kit

Reset your body every morning with 11 detoxifying superfoods. Support a healthy gut with probiotics and prebiotics together in a revolutionary stick pack.
    Kit Includes:
    • Green juice
    • Balance

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Certified USDA Organic Glyphosate Residue Free Organifi is proud supporter of Vitamin Angels

Reset Your Gut

Two synergistic products including probiotics, prebiotic fiber, apple cider vinegar, and adaptogenic herbs designed for gut balance and overall wellness.

Healthy Digestion — 20 billion CFUs of five resilient probiotic strains.

Increased Nutrient Absorption — digestive enzymes, ACV, and aloe vera.
  • Green Juice

    11 powerful ingredients including ashwagandha, an adaptogen researched for cortisol regulation in the body.

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  • Balance

    20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs) of 5 science-backed probiotic strains combined with nourishing prebiotic fiber.

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Holistic Digestion

“I’ve noticed a significant improvement to my digestion since using these products daily. My energy has also ramped up quite a bit.” — Margaret P., Verified Buyer

These two blends provide a digestive foundation for your entire day. The adaptogens, fiber, and probiotics in the Ultimate Cortisol Kit are curated to improve nutrient absorption and digestive comfort.

All-Day Digestion

Start by energizing your day with Green Juice in the morning and replenishing your microbiome with Balance in the evening.

Optimal Digestion Begins Before Your Next Meal.

Digestive wellness affects the entire body, and believe it or not, the digestive process begins before you even take that first bite. The entire digestive process involves a complicated interaction of hormones, digestive enzymes, as well as key bacteria and yeasts, which make up part of our microbiome. The microbiome is essential for digestive wellness.

Everyday life has a way of depleting the microbiome, as pesticides, antibiotics, chronic stress, and microplastics often wipe out the microorganisms you need for a vibrant life. It is essential that your gut is thriving with good bacteria and yeasts, and that these microorganisms are nourished with prebiotic fibers, in order to achieve optimal nutrient absorption and utilization.
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