35 Richest Singers in the World and their Net Worth


There are many people out there who have a good singing voice. Only a handful of singers become exemplary and stand the test of time. There are the top richest singers in the world.

Those who listen to it have different reactions or feelings toward the song. They can obliterate the world of complications. Because everybody loves to learn a bit more about the most successful and popular musicians, we’ve taken a deep dive into some of the richest singers in the world and compiled a list.

The superstar songstress can earn a lot of money by his/her voice. This is a fascinating concept because it proves two things to upcoming and energetic musicians:

  • It is possible to build huge amounts of money as a music artist.
  • It allows you to grow your income and wealth even more by breaking into Broadway, Hollywood, and becoming an Entrepreneur.

The Richest Singers

Our list measures pre-tax earnings and does not deduct fees for managers, lawyers, or agents. The ranking once again highlights the regrettable reality of the music business.

Read some of the richest singers, including their impressive net worth.

Katy Perry

Net Worth: $330 Million

Richest SingersSource: guinnessworldrecords.com

Nana Mouskouri – Richest Singer

Net Worth: $280 Million

Richest SingersSource: Vaaju.com

Ringo Starr – Richest Singer

Net Worth: $350 million

Richest SingersSource: grunge.com


Net Worth: $580 Million

Richest SingersSource: gulftoday.ae

Celine Dion

Net Worth: $800 Million

Richest SingersSource: cheatsheet.com

Julio Iglesias

Net Worth: $600 Million

Richest SingersSource: telegraph.co.uk

Paul McCartney

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

Richest SingersSource: biography.com


Net Worth: $355 Million

Richest SingersSource: hollywoodreporter.com

Justin Bieber

Net Worth: $285 Million

Richest Singers

Mick Jagger

Net Worth: $360 million

Richest SingersSource: telegraph.co.uk

Mariah Carey

Net Worth: $535 Million

Mariah CareySource: gawker.com

Herb Alpert

Net Worth: $850 Million

Herb AlpertSource: cbs12.com


Net Worth: $700 Million

BonoSource: ultimateclassicrock.com

Jay Z

Net Worth: $1 billion

Jay ZSource: cbsnews.com

Toby Keith

Net Worth: $365 million

Toby KeithSource: theboot.com


Net Worth: $300 Million

ShakiraSource: amazingdealseeker.com

Jennifer Lopez

Net Worth: $400 million

Jennifer LopezSource: variety.com

Dolly Parton

Net Worth: $500 Million

Dolly PartonSource: nypost.com

Gene Autry

Net Worth: $500 Million

Gene AutrySource: countrymusicnation.com

Dr. Dre

Net Worth: $800 Million

Dr. DreSource: theverge.com

Gloria Estefan

Net Worth: $500 Million

Gloria EstefanSource: chicagotribune.com

Barbra Streisand

Net Worth: $400 million

Barbra StreisandSource: parade.com

George Strait

Net Worth: $300 Million

George StraitSource: wideopencountry.com

Jon Bon Jovi

Net Worth:  $410 million

Jon Bon JoviSource: elsetge.cat

Victoria Beckham

Net Worth: $450 Million

Victoria BeckhamSource: independent.co.uk


Net Worth: $400 Million

RihannaSource: metatube.com

Sean Combs

Net Worth: $820 Million

Sean CombsSource: billboard.com

Bruce Springsteen

Net Worth: $500 million

Bruce SpringsteenSource: telegraph.co.uk

Shania Twain

Net Worth:  $450 million

Shania TwainSource: independent.co.uk

Lady Gaga

Net Worth: $320 Million

Lady GagaSource: becomesingers.com

Elton John

Net Worth: $500 million

Elton JohnSource: wallpaperflare.com


Net Worth: $350 million

CherSource: minutemediacdn.com

Taylor Swift

Net Worth: $400 million

Taylor SwiftSource: telegraph.co.uk

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Net Worth: 1.28 billion

Andrew Lloyd WebberSource: hellogiggles.com

Garth Brooks

Net Worth: $350 Million

Garth BrooksSource: fox23.com

Bottom Line:

If you are a music lover, this article should be very refreshing and interesting to you.  And that brings our look at the famous singers in the world to a close. These are famous and richest singers in the world who have a grasp on their voice and they really know how to sing. They are also considered music tycoons because they have caused a huge amount every year with their magnificent singing style that is highly loved and appreciated by the audience.

We hope you have found this article intuitive and informative.

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