How To Set Up Your Gaming Space


If you are an avid gamer, you need a space that could accommodate your gaming systems. Just a loaded gaming PC is not enough; you need other devices to support your gaming pangs and need to set up your gaming space.

Set Up Your Gaming Space

Most of all, you want a space where you can blissfully play your favorite third-person shooters and co-op campaigns. Only a handful of gamers can afford to have the gaming space of their fantasies because let us be fair, the components do not come cheap.

That being said, it is never a bad idea to start somewhere, hm? So, let us get started on setting up your own gaming space.

The Ultimate PC Room

This is your kingdom where your gaming devices rest. Your PC room should put you into the thick of the action.

This is also the place where you can lay back and retreat. So, where should you start? First things first, size matters a lot, as it will determine the placement of different objects.

There is no rule of thumb for it but it should be big enough to make room for at least a gaming chair, a table, couches, and some wild noise! You would also want to leave some space for friends to come over and marvel over your gaming space.

Depending on your budget, you can go for neon or dim lighting because when you are fighting zombies and humanoids, the atmosphere needs to be grim!

Gaming PC

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The quintessential component of your gaming PC, the motherboard is responsible for gelling the CPU, memory, hard drive and other parts together.

Pay a great deal of attention to the compatibility of your motherboard with other components. It is essentially the brain of your system, which coordinates with other parts of the PC.

If the motherboard is the brain, the CPU is the heart of your computer. A highly configured CPU is a must if you want to run the latest games on your computer.

A CPU optimized for gaming should have more than two cores. Some dual-core CPUs might outperform quad-core processors but still, you should not take the risk. The same goes for the operating speed (clock rate) of your CPU.

Good clock speed is anywhere between 4 to 8 GHz.

Just like the CPU, the GPU needs to have a fast clock speed to render clear objects and make them appear crisp on your screen. However, clock speed is not everything you need.

If the card lacks in memory, it will not run the latest installment of Resident Evil or Far Cry (ok it might but with lag and low resolution). So, get a graphics card, which is balanced in its configuration.

We all know RAM helps the computer to process several tasks at once and it is the measure of a system’s speed.

For gaming purposes, the bigger the RAM, the better. To accommodate high-end gaming, go for a RAM that is at least 16G in memory and has its speed denoted by DDR3 or DDR4 if you want to have fast speed.

HDD or SSD serves as the storage unit of your system. There are two fundamental differences between them; HDD comes with a large storage capacity but sacrifices speed.

On the other hand, SSD is relatively new and is faster. However, do not forget, we are talking about gaming here, which means you will need a lot of free space.

Therefore, we suggest you go for an SSD, which has a large storage capacity. It will weigh your pockets down but it is a worthy investment in the long run.

Monitor, TV Or Projector?

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Now that we have the anatomy of your gaming PC, let us talk a bit about the peripherals that will enhance your experience. With such an ultra-high system, you would surely want a display device that brings the games to life.

Choosing the right monitor, means you go for a full 4K resolution (2160 pixels). However, make sure your GPU has enough firepower to keep up with the performance of the monitor.

The second option is to go for a TV or a projector to step up your gaming experience. A projector would allow you to tweak the range and size of the display. However, you cannot do the same with a TV screen.

Make sure your TV or projector can connect to speakers and other gaming peripherals. It is all about indulging in a marvelous experience.


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Many gamers, these days, do not give much importance to keyboards. They instead focus on other things like graphics cards and RAM.

In all fairness, it dictates the way you perform in games. Gaming keyboards are broadly classified into two types; membrane and mechanical. Membrane keyboards use a plastic membrane under the keystroke, which sends signals to the computer every time you press a key.

On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are expensive and feature mechanical switches under each cap. They are more responsive and produce little to low noise. However, they are expensive.


Gaming MouseSource: Pexels

Another important part of your gaming repertoire, a gaming mouse does so much more than aiming at enemies. These days, gaming mice are loaded with features that provide excellent grip and precision.

So, if you are into 1st person shooters like Call of Duty or Far Cry, then you should select a mouse accordingly. Alternatively, if you spend hours playing DOTA, you probably need a mouse that has plenty of buttons for multitasking within the game.


Once you have pieced everything together, the last hurdle is to install a power supply and connect a single cable assembly to it. Because a lot of wires in the way can cause you to tip over.

Besides, cables entangled with each other are not a very pleasant sight. You can get a good quality cable.

For long MMORPG sessions, reclining gaming chairs are a must as they provide great comfort and support to your back. Think of your gaming chair as your throne, on which you proudly sit while playing your favorite game.

You also need a good sound system, which captures the tension in the game. For added effect, you can adorn your room walls with posters and flags of your favorite games. There is no rule book – the sky is the limit.

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