6 Ways Technology Has Revolutionized the Healthcare Industry

technology in healthcare

Without a doubt, technology has made many improvements in healthcare. Due to the technology, medical experts found treatments for those diseases which were never treated before. Technology in healthcare is revolutionizing the way we approach medical treatment.

Doctors believe that technology has contributed a lot in providing better health to the people so; this is actually a good sign for the medical field.

There is continuous development in technology due to which many lives were saved and it helped in improving the quality of life for others.

It didn’t only help the patients, as it contributed to medical advancements as well and helped medical professionals in practicing different medical experiments so that they can introduce new treatments for the existing diseases.

Technology played an enormous role in improving healthcare in many ways. Below are some of the areas where technology has played its part.

1.  Digitalized Health Records

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The introduction of EHR (Electronic Health Records) made it easier for the hospitals to maintain the proper record of their patients.

In the past days, it was very difficult to maintain the files of each and every patient but now everything got digitalized and it became trouble-free as all the past records of the patient are now maintained.

Whenever a patient comes to the hospital, all of their past records are saved which truly helps in treating them better.

2.  mHealth

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At present, you can simply check regarding your health on different mobile health applications on your smartphone.

Technology is now highly developed that you don’t need to see a doctor for every little matter, you can check it on mobile health applications as everything is well described there.

Through such apps, people can easily maintain their diet even in their busy schedules as they don’t need to visit the hospital again and again.

3.  Decrease in Healthcare Cost

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A study was conducted which showed that there was a decrease in healthcare cost by 3%.

The reason for this reduction is due to the digitalized health records as you no longer need to maintain the papers in a file for each patient.

Moreover, you needed space to keep all those files, but this digitalization process saved that cost.

4.  Wearable Devices

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Sometimes it gets difficult to look after serious patients for 24 hours. Hence, there are some wearable gadgets that give an alert when things are not going fine.

There is a sensor in that device which immediately gives a sign to the caretaker whenever a patient falls or if the wound is getting infected. So, this gadget can really save a life.

5.  Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor

Wireless Blood Pressure MonitorImage Source: Flickr

It gets difficult for everyone to check their blood pressure manually as everyone doesn’t know how to operate it.

Therefore a wireless device was introduced to check the blood pressure automatically without getting into trouble.

It was simple to use and via Bluetooth, it can easily harmonize with your smartphone.

6.  Brain Sensing Headband

Brain Sensing HeadbandImage Source: Wikimedia

This headband is designed to examine your brain activity and then transfers the data to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth.

It helps in reducing stress and teaches you how to overcome stress using different tools.

It encourages you by giving you rewards on different challenges just to make sure that you take mediation on a daily basis.

Better Healthcare

Just because of technology, taking care of your health became easier as there are a lot of devices that can help you in controlling your blood pressure, glucose level and helps you in staying healthy by providing a proper diet chart.

Even there are such devices that help in cleaning your bed or your car seat, as there is a chance to get germs on them so, a bed care table was introduced which helps in vacuuming your bed.

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